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  • A quick call or email exchange will give us an overview of a student’s goals, expectations and skills they feel they need to improve.
  • We then pair a student with a tutor we think would be a good match.

How We’re Different

The Tudor Tutoring Approach works to stimulate a child’s understanding and curiosity about the subject matter. In essence, we work towards building up a student’s grasp of the material, not just focusing on memorizing facts or unconnected tidbits of information.  

About Us

Tudor Tutoring was born out of a desire to help each individual student reach their maximum potential in a way that works for everyone. With classroom sizes increasing, not all students are getting the help, or the challenge they need.

Being completely online lets students, and parents, effectively manage their time and allows students to practice using the Internet for different purposes. The added benefit of using the internet for different goals also builds digital literacy and the confidence to use different learning platforms.

Learn From the Comfort of Your Home!

Online Tutoring

With increasingly busy schedules, finding the time to go to a tutoring lesson, or having a tutor come to your home can be difficult. The added benefit of online tutoring is that there is no commute, no strangers in your home and both students and tutors have access to snapshots of previously completed lessons. 


“I can see the difference an expert tutor makes! I understand more after just one lesson.”

Karl C.

High School Junior

“I don’t think I’d have been able to pass my math course without your great explanations.”

Sarah W.

Undergraduate Freshman

“Though my regular tutor left the company, Ivana was on top of it and paired me with an even better one.  Great Job Tudor Tutoring!” 

Madison G.

High School Freshman

Let’s Learn Together! 

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