In short, it depends on the problem. A student generally has a very good reason why they dislike going to school. We at Tudor Tutoring have found that common reasons include: the student has fallen behind in their schoolwork and feel they cannot catch up; they are having personal problems (e.g. bullying, a friend has moved away), the student is bored with the current schoolwork or they are disinterested for a variety of reasons. For some of these problems, the right tutor can be a great solution.

In terms of falling behind and not being able to catch up, a tutor can be a perfect solution. Teachers generally do not have enough time to go over the same concepts again. If a student has missed lessons for any reason, the teacher cannot take the time away from other students to explain ideas again. This is where a tutor has the flexibility to explain these concepts as many times as needed and in the most appropriate style for the individual student. 

Now, for personal problems, a tutor would not be much help. If you feel this might be the case, talk with your child, their teachers and other resources your child’s school offers to find a solution.

Another common reason a student dislikes school is that they are bored with the subject matter, whether it be because they have already picked up the information, the pace at which it is taught is too slow or due to the fact that they have learned it somewhere else. All of these reasons can cause a student to not want to go to school, as they see it as a waste of time. However, not all tutoring is remedial. In the cases of students who want more challenges in their education, a tutor can be the correct answer.

Sometimes a student is disinterested in schoolwork or a specific subject either because they do not understand it or because they have not been introduced to it in an energetic manner. In our experience, students who do not understand a subject can seem neutral or antagonistic towards it. A simple solution can be to have a tutor explain the concepts in different ways to stimulate curiosity. Other times, the teacher has not introduced concepts in a way that is engaging for the students. For example, teachers who themselves do not like a subject they are forced to teach, will not be able to convey the elegance of the subject matter. Students, more often than not, pick up on this and they also become disinterested, which causes their grades to fall. This can be remedied by hiring a tutor who is an expert in their field and can not only explain concepts, but can also demonstrate (and hopefully, share) their love of their subject matter.


Tudor Tutoring hires tutors who hold a PhD (or are in progress), a Master’s (or in progress), or have completed a degree (or are in their last year of their Post-Secondary education)? 

For most of the above-mentioned common problems, a well-matched tutor can be the perfect solution. Whether because falling behind, being bored or being disinterested, a tutor can set the student back on the correct academic track. Before jumping to any conclusions, it is important to talk with your child to see which (if any) of these reasons apply. Once a problem has been  identified, the solution often presents itself. These explanations are only the most common reasons we’ve found at Tudor Tutoring and the list is by no means complete.