With the approach of the time of year that most students dislike, it can seem like you have a lot of time to get everything ready. Whether that includes purchasing new clothes, backpacks, school supplies, or completing your summer wish list, it’s time for back to school and everything that entails. But not all of it needs to be difficult. With a little preparation and planning, going back to school can be relatively painless (OK, maybe not for the students). We’ve put together a list of our top tricks to get ready for back to school.

      • Get your shopping done as soon as possible. Do not wait for the day before thinking you will find everything you will need. Figure out which things are essential and focus on finding those. Most large stores will stock a lot of the items most students need for a new school year (backpacks, laptops, office supplies, desks, etc.), so you might be hit with a lot of variety (whether that is good or bad depends on you).

o As a bonus hint, some stores will have discounted back to school items in the first week/month after school begins. If there is something you might need or want, but do not want to pay full price, this can be a great time to snag a deal.

      • Figure out if there is something you really wanted to do before the end of summer that you might have forgotten about. For example, if there is a movie you want to see, an exhibition (or one like the CNE that only opens mid-August), or something else. When preparing for back to school, this can be the time to complete those missed items from your wish list.
      • Figure out a schedule for the semester. Who has which activities when? Are we going to get a tutor this year? Who will be taking the children to school? Who will pick them up? These questions are easier to answer when you have a time, as opposed to when it is actually happening.

o Decide when to wake up. This is a part of the previous tip but needs to be mentioned. When deciding when to wake up, take into consideration the number of bathrooms, the length of morning routine, and the drive to school. All of these things will impact your schedule.

Helpful Hint

Try not to do everything at the last minute. By having a plan, even if you forget something, chances are it is not the most important. By doing everything at the last minute, you might forget something very important (hopefully not the kids!).

      • If you are going to a new school, see if there is an orientation or some time when you can go to see where your classes are. If you are moving into a dorm or are studying away from home, see how early you are allowed to go, so you have time to find everything (a grocery store, laundry, restaurant/cafeteria, etc.).
      • Do you need any other resources (lab coat, goggles, notebooks, gloves, etc.)? This is not something you would like to have to run around trying to find (or worse be asked to leave a class because you are not prepared). Take your time and see what you need before the start of school.
      • Take a bit of time to relax. The start of school is a stressful time for everyone. Enjoy those last few calm nights before the chaotic mornings begin!

Though not an exhaustive list of tips on how to prepare for the start of school, take a bit of time and try to plan on what you will need. While it might seem like every school year is the same, they are very different and require different levels of planning (especially if you have children who are just starting school). 


Have a great school year!