It’s that time of year with students returning to the classroom and starting their lessons once again. Often, the beginning of a new school year is a stressful time for everyone involved. We’ve put together a list of our favourite tips for both parents and students to help ease some of the stress between the end of summer and the start of school.

1. Pack your bag the night before. This is a little trick to help you prepare for the day ahead. By having your bag packed ahead of time, you have gone through the trouble of looking over your schedule and packing everything you will need for tomorrow. If there is something you forgot and need to do, the night before is better than in a panic the morning of. This can be a great timesaver during those hectic morning.

2. Plan what you or your child is going to have for breakfast/lunch tomorrow. Going to bed with this knowledge will help ease the stress of not being able to decide what to pack for yourself or your child. It can be as simple as cereal and a sandwich but having a plan can be a big help especially when unexpected events arise.

3. Figure out a schedule and try to stick to it. This might be one of the hardest tips we cover. It is hard to stick to a schedule with schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, tutoring, studying etc., but falling into a rhythm can help take the guesswork out of “what should I do now?” and help keep you on the right track. Students are keeping busier than ever and having a planned schedule can minimize their (and their parents’) stress. This doesn’t have to be a strict schedule, though it can be if that is what you would like. It can be more of a daily reminder of what needs to be done (sports, chess club, tutoring lesson, etc.).

Helpful Hint

These tips can be used in other situations as well, not just for school. For example, getting a plan together for what you will eat in the morning can be a useful skill for easing the morning rush to work, the airport, or if you are late to meet a friend. Falling into these habits early can be a huge help later in life.

4. Check over your homework. This doesn’t have to be the night before (it can happen at any point before you hand in the assignment), it is a good idea to look over your work to make sure you haven’t missed or incorrectly answered a question or made small mistakes that can have a large impact on your mark. Even a quick glance over your work can help you catch careless mistakes and improve your grades.

5. Make sure you haven’t forgotten to do your homework. It might seem straightforward, but it happens more often than one might think. With students being busier than ever, sometimes, they can forget to do their homework for a class. By checking regularly whether there is something you have missed, it is less likely that this will happen. Keep an agenda or write down which teachers have assigned homework (including due dates, as these can vary) to make sure you are on top of your assignments.

6. Don’t forget to take a bit of time to relax and unwind! School can be a very stressful time and one of the often-neglected aspects of school is taking the time to enjoy your time with your friends, hobbies and activities. After all, one of the best times to relax is after a stressful week!

Though not an exhaustive list of tips to starting the school year right, it is a good foundation. Everyone has their own personal preferences with how they get prepared, and how they ease the transition between the end of summer and the start of school. Like in many beginnings, it’s simplest to fall into a routine from the start (and make adjustments as needed), which makes the stresses associated with later in the term much easier to deal with.