How is Tudor Tutoring different?

Tudor Tutoring prides itself on being able to adjust to every individual student’s needs. In taking the time to understand where the student struggles, we can customize a plan to help.

By working almost exclusively online, we can tailor a tutoring schedule to fit even the busiest schedules.

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Do you have tutors for special programs (I.B., AP etc.?)

Yes, we have tutors who are familiar with various special programs (some of whom are themselves graduates!).

What are your tutors' qualifications?

Our tutors are either enrolled in their senior year of a post-secondary degree, have completed their post-secondary education (undergraduate or college, specialized or otherwise), or are completing, or have completed, their post-graduate studies (more specialized programs).

Generally, our tutors have at least one level of education more than the student (i.e. high school students will be paired with at least a senior enrolled in a relevant post-secondary program, lower year college/university students will be paired with tutors who have at least completed a relevant program, upper year college/university students will most likely be paired with (if applicable) tutors who are completing or have completed their post-graduate studies. For example, a student who needs extra support with mathematics will be paired with, at least, a tutor who is in the last year of their post-secondary degree in mathematics/engineering/physics. For more information send us an email).

Do you only provide remedial tutoring?

No, our tutoring is suited to the full spectrum of students from those who are ahead of the class to those who need more support to succeed.

How do I pay for sessions?

Payments are made through invoices which can be made online via Stripe or E-Transfer.

Is there a contract?

We do not require a contract for the occasional tutoring sessions. For the plan tutoring, we do request a light contract for administrative purposes.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least 24 hour notice for cancellations. A cancellation fee may apply if cancelling with less notice.

What if I cannot find the course I need help with?

As a growing company, we are constantly recruiting new tutors, and adding new courses to our portfolio. If we do not have a course you would like help with, send us an email. We appreciate your input!

Do you have adult day high school tutoring?

Yes, we have tutors who have experience with adult day schools.