High School Science

From Atoms to Pressure to Zinc – Our tutors have you covered.

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Our Tutors Provide 

Our Tutors Provide Expert Help With:

Grade 9:

  • Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Atoms, Elements, and Compounds
  • The Study of the Universe
  • The Characteristics of Electricity
  • Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity
  • Exploring Matter
  • Circuits
  • Space Exploration
  • Electrical Applications

Expert Help With:

Grade 10:

  • Tissues, Organs, and Systems of Living Things
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Applied Genetics
  • Climate Change
  • Light and Geometric Optics
  • Acid-Base Chemistry
  • Chemical Reactions and Their Practical Application
  • Earth’s Dynamic Climate
  • Light and Applications of Optics

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