The International Baccalaureate Program

From Abiotic to HL to Zeitgeist – Our tutors have you covered.

Some of our tutors are IB graduates themselves!

**Tutoring Available in French for Most Subjects**

Our Tutors Provide 

Our Tutors Provide Expert Help With:

Group 1 (Language A):

  • Literature (SL/HL)
  • Language and Literature (SL/HL)
  • Literature and Performance (SL)

Group 2 (Language Acquisition):

  • Language ab initio (SL)
    • French, Spanish and Italian
  • Language B (SL/HL)
    • French, Spanish and Italian
  • Classical Languages (SL/HL)
    • Greek and Latin

Group 3 (Individuals and Society):

  • Business Management (SL/HL)
  • Economics (SL/HL)
  • Geography (SL/HL)
  • Global Politics (SL/HL)
  • History (SL/HL)
  • Information Technology in a Global Society (SL/HL)
  • Philosophy (SL/HL)
  • Psychology (SL/HL)
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology (SL/HL)
  • World Religions (SL)

Expert Help With:

Group 4 (Science):

  • Biology (SL/HL)
  • Computer Science (SL/HL)
  • Chemistry (SL/HL)
  • Design Technology (SL/HL)
  • Physics (SL/HL)
  • Sports, Health and Exercise (SL/HL)

Group 5 (Mathematics):

  • Further Mathematics (HL)
  • Mathematics (SL/HL)
  • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (SL/HL)
  • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation (SL/HL)
  • Mathematical Studies (SL)

Group 6 (The Arts):

  • Dance (SL.HL)
  • Film (SL/HL)
  • Music (SL/HL)
  • Theatre (SL/HL)
  • Visual Arts (SL/HL)

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